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The Science of the Deal®: The DNA of Multifamily & Commercial Real Estate Investing

How does a kid from Hyderabad, India with a pharmaceutical science background become the founder and CEO of a successful commercial real estate company in America? In his book, American Ventures CEO, Shravan Parsi shares his story, along with the principles and values that have guided him along the way. Ultimately, for Shravan, it comes down to one thing: how willing we are to hustle to get what we want.

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Building side hustles into big business

An entrepreneur and innovator, Shravan Parsi’s path to success has been unconventional. By education, Shravan is a Pharmaceutical Scientist, with a Master’s from St. John’s University. By trade, Shravan is a worker, guided by the words of his father, “You cannot waste time.” Always looking for the next big thing, Shravan Parsi has built a career out of perpetual motion in the direction of his goals. His boldness, intellectual curiosity, mindful use of time, ability to sell, and foresight are the pillars of Shravan’s success, and now he wants to teach you how you can apply these principles to your own life and career.

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What is the Science of the Deal?

Shravan Parsi has dealmaking down to a science. Based on more than negotiation tactics and industry parlor tricks, Shravan’s approach to commercial real estate deals goes beyond dollars and cents. His programs ask audiences to take a holistic look at their deals as processes rather than outcomes. From building the best teams with the best talent to leveraging networking and philanthropy for increased influence, Parsi’s idea of dealmaking won’t just change the contracts you sign, but the way you do business.

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