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As Shravan Parsi looked out over New York City for the last time before moving to Texas, he recalled what he loved so much about the city—its rich diversity reminded him of his hometown of Hyderabad, India. The smells of foods from around the world swirling in the air and the exciting mix of people were nearly enough to make him stay, but looking back has never been how Shravan spends his time.

Driven by a lifelong desire to create, Shravan Parsi became a pharmaceutical scientist. Inspired as a kid by the big pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and GlaxcoSmithKline, he realized that while doctors were the ones prescribing the various cures and treatments, he wanted to be the person creating the drugs; to be the one looking for the next big chemical breakthrough.

He left Hyderabad for St. John’s University to earn his master’s in pharmaceutical science. After carving out a successful career for himself in the pharmaceutical industry, Shravan left New York for a job in San Antonio that afforded him the time to focus on his side hustle: real estate investing.

Low barriers to entry, a new passion for commercial real estate, and a “never waste time” ethic imparted by his father laid the groundwork for Shravan to turn his side hustle into something huge. Now founder and CEO of American Ventures, Shravan Parsi has learned how to grow a business from pet project to industry leader.

Under Shravan’s visionary leadership, American Ventures has experienced exceptional business growth, acquiring 4,000 units in recent years, and the company is projected to continue aggressive growth. American Ventures’ ultimate goal is to generate passive or active incomes, enhance risk-adjusted returns for its strategic partners and for the firm, and cultivate and build long-term relationships.

He is a member of TIGER 21, Central Texas Angel Network (CTAN), and a past member of Entrepreneurs Org (EO). Shravan’s philanthropic efforts revolve around educating underprivileged children which has become his greatest passion and he currently serves on the board of Pratham USA.

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