Are You Ready to Invest or is Your Real Estate Philosophy More Art than Science?

Anyone can get lucky in real estate. In fact, you could make a fortune off of one well-placed bet. However, this is the siren song that lures investors into a string of doomed choices. The only true panacea for these investment woes is to arm yourself with the right methods.

You know that real estate can catalyze an investor’s portfolio. Maybe you’ve seen your friends or family benefit from a smart commercial real estate investment. Whether you already have skin in the game or you are looking to make your debut, you will never achieve maintainable success until you hone a scientific method.

To that end, Shravan Parsi, CEO & Founder of American Ventures, is trying to help upend the real estate game by demystifying it. After earning his Master’s in Industrial Pharmacy/Pharmaceutics from St. John’s, Parsi began a career as a pharmaceutical scientist. Though he ultimately found the work at odds with his inner-entrepreneur and left the industry, the methodical curiosity he developed served to springboard his success in real estate.

People will boast about some sort of ineffable magnetism or innate ability but this is all misdirection. If people cannot point to their methods, then they are simply playing it by ear—something that we must refuse to do with hard-earned cash. Once we eliminate the smoke and mirrors, the parlor tricks that some people bring to deal-making, real estate simply becomes a matter of hustle.

To find lasting success in this space, you must determine if your real estate philosophy is more art or science.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin!

Are You Ready to Invest or is Your Real Estate Philosophy More Art than Science?

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